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【Stainless Steel IP】 Hoop Earrings [M]

【Stainless Steel IP】 Hoop Earrings [M]

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The IP coating (ion plating) applied on top of the stainless steel is a new type of allergy-free accessory material. It is also highly resistant to discoloration, perspiration, and water, so it can maintain its beautiful luster for a long time.



Stainless steel(IPcoating)


Please note that products are not considered to be defective in the following cases:

・The product may be slightly scratched or deformed in the manufacturing or transportation process.
・There are individual variations in motif shapes between the products.
・The products are delicate and may be damaged by strong impacts. Please handle products with care.
・Avoid contact with water or sweat. It may change the product's color.
・Note that the product may oxidize in some storage environments.
・Some people may have an allergic reaction to the product. Please check the material of the part that directly contacts your ear.

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