About us

About the brand

At mimi33, we believe that the moments of "excitement" are opportunities to express your true "individuality" and experience happiness. We offer products that are uniquely original yet warmly familiar, designed to be your quiet companions in daily life. With a minimalist and refined aesthetic, our accessories evoke a sense of elegance and maturity. As accessories that come into contact with your skin, we take pride in being a specialized earring brand that prioritizes both gentleness and comfort.

We currently have nine stores in Japan and, we opened our first overseas store in Singapore in September 2020.





・Paper earring holder

The distinctive shaped mimi33 original earring holders, which serve as fitting sticks in retail stores, are now being replaced with paper earring holders made of 70% recycled paper as part of an effort to reduce the amount of plastic. Please note that some items may arrive with plastic earring holders.

・Jewelry gift box

The mimi33 box is made from a recycled paper called Peace Orihime. This recycled paper is used in a project to revive origami cranes dedicated to the Children's peace monument in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, where our company is located, and to pass on the idea of peace through recycled paper. Approximately 10 tons of origami cranes are dedicated annually, and by using this Peace Orihime recycled paper, we hope to engage in recycling activities and also pass on our thoughts of peace to future generations. The surface of the box is sprinkled with fragments of origami cranes as a wish for peace.



Designers thoughts

・Thoughts on Overseas Expansion

This is our first attempt to expand overseas, and I felt both excited and anxious about it.
I was very interested to see how well mimi33's current designs would be accepted overseas, and I was ready to take on the challenge for me to get started. It has been about a year since we opened, and it has not been easy to propose earrings that fit the lifestyles of people in other countries.

The popularity of the "Yajirobe" and "Flora" series, which mimi33 places great importance on, has given us confidence in our brand, and we would like to continue to recommend them in the future.
On the other hand, I would like more people to know about us and to enjoy ear fashion overseas as well, through our design capabilities that are only possible in Japan. 

・What are our future goals?

In this age when it is so easy to start a brand on SNS or without having a physical store, I would like to think about what "mimi33 can do," regardless of whether it is in Japan or overseas, so that more people will know about our brand and we can become the one and only "ear care specialty store"