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New arrivals release on 21 Jan. New arrivals release on 21 Jan.

New Arrival

21 Jan.

Czech glass

The design is feminine and the Czech glass is highly transparent and gives off a clear light, making the ear look elegant and pretty.


Metal motif

The metal series has a design that is both simple and unique, making it easy to incorporate into your daily life.
This minimalistic ear accessory will add a touch of elegance to your profile.



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7th Jan.

Ear Cuff

mimi33's ear cuffs are now available in a feminine design.
Even though they are large in size, they are light and comfortable to wear, and add a slight sense of volume.




Mini Hoop

These mini hoops are a little bit unique, but still give you a neat look.
The chubby shape that covers the earlobes is suitable for a wide range of occasions, from office wear to daily use.
Choose a design that is simple, but with attention to detail.



Metal × Pearl

Freshwater pearls, which have a soft, nuanced look, are combined with metal to create a mature design.
This minimalist ear accessory will give your profile an elegant look.



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17th Dec.



Gloss Epoxy
The latest addition to the popular Gloss Epoxy series.
Softly swaying silhouettes with a sense of nuance will give you a sense of sophistication.
The shiny colored motifs will make your winter coordinate look gorgeous.



Bijoux Earrings
Luxurious earrings adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia.
The bijoux shimmering with a casual gesture will give you a graceful profile.
The earrings are a great item to match with a beautiful outfit or dress style.



18K post
The 18k gold post is less likely to cause allergies and is gentle on the ears. This is a simple yet attractive item with a particular design. It is perfect for everyday use and office wear.



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1st Dec.

Line Earrings

The "Line Earrings" have a stylish design that can be used as earrings or ear cuffs.
The playful, asymmetrical combination is the perfect accent for adult coordinates.



Color Pearl

Choose your favorite nuance color!
Earrings with a wide variety of colors are released.
Pearl items tend to be feminine, so it's best to be particular about the color of the pearls.
The parts are detachable, so you can change them according to your mood and style.





Flower petal motifs sway lightly around the ear.
The smooth metal and sharp sparkle of the bijoux is perfect for party scenes.



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18th Nov.


ONLINE Limited

A limited edition set of earrings and a necklace is now available from mimi33's popular sparkling chain items.
The design features a combination of chains with a slight volume, creating a perfect balance that is not too heavy to wear as a set.
It is a perfect Christmas gift that will add a ladylike impression to any casual outfit.
This is a limited quantity item, so please purchase early.




Pearl items tend to be feminine, but it is good to pay attention to the color of the pearls and the design of the parts to be combined.
This time, we will focus on asymmetrical designs with a lot of playfulness, and items with a light impression that gives off a delicate line. 




The UMU collection is handcrafted one by one by mimi33's engravers under the theme of "simple = beautiful."

The warmth and beautiful curves of these handmade items lead to a feminine and relaxed impression.


 K10 Yellow Gold

If you want to look elegant and glamorous, a simple yet delicate design is the way to go.
The high quality luster that only K10 can provide and the beautiful curves that will make you gaze in awe will enhance your mood.
It is also a perfect gift item for the holiday season.




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4th Nov.

The new collection includes designs with eye-catching motifs that can be used as icons in simple coordinates, as well as basic designs that are easy to use. Of course, the material used is 925 silver, which is hypoallergenic.

 In the past year, men's ear accessories have become more and more popular.

Please find your favorite ear accessories that suit you and enjoy coordinating them.



Among them, the Freshwater Pearl Catch Earrings is the one for men to try!

The charm is the casualness of the large pearls glimpsed from the side of the face. Limited color is also available at the online store.


The bicolor ear cuff is designed to be enjoyed on both sides.

The cutting reflects light, so it will be more presentable in illuminated places.


MR.mimi earrings are not only for men, but for women as well.
Recommend for gift items, too!



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Oct 2021

Ear Wrap

It's been coming up a lot in SNS lately, and mimi33 is proud to present them.
The new design features a line that extends from the earring hole and hooks onto the top of the ear.
The unique form is sure to leave a lasting impression at first glance.
It's match with your dress style as well as your daily outfit. 


The Yajirobe series is representative of mimi33’s accessories.
Its design with accents that sway comfortably gives a feminine and delicate impression,
making it an item that is easy to use in any season.


Stock is limited, so why don't you get now before it is too late!



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