Apricot Orange

Apricot Orange

Apricot Orange

Playful apricot orange with a sense of early summer.
Infused with sheer warm tones and a hint of shimmering glitter, Gloss Epo's items radiate under the summer sun.

 Spring Gloss and Glitter

Apricot Orange 2
Apricot Orange 3
Earrings ¥10,800 BUY
Ear Cuff ¥10,800 BUY

 "Glass" that suits the traditional style.

Apricot Orange 5
Apricot Orange 6
Earrings ¥4,950 BUY
Ring ¥3,850 BUY
Ear Cuff ¥3,850 BUY

This item is made of shimmering glass like the surface of water with a gold rim.
Just by adding this it to your coordination, you can create a more sensual mood than usual.

- About Novelty -

■Eligible Products■
Products to be released on May 3 (Fri)
Applicable to "Novelty Fair" products only.
One novelty per order.

■Period ■
May 3 (Fri) - May 19 (Sun)
*While stock last.

■Bag size■
32 cm (length) X 27 cm (width)

The program has been closed because the quantity has been reached.
*In the event that the order and delivery addresses are different,
the novelty will be sent to the delivery address.
*Some of the items may have scratches, uneven sewing, loose threads, uneven prints, wrinkles, etc.,
which are unavoidable in the manufacturing and delivery process.
*Please note that there may be some fibers mixed into the cloth.


- Novelty Fair Eligible Products -

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