Stainless Steel IP

【Allergy-free and discoloration-resistant finish】

"Stainless steel" material with "IP (Ion Plating) coating",

【Stainless IP】 series with high safety. 
With its remarkable resistance to metal allergies and discoloration, this accessory stands out as a highly recommended choice for daily wear, ensuring both comfort and long-lasting beauty.

Stainless IP is used as a material for everyday items such as glasses and watches that come in contact with the skin.

At mimi33, we maintain the safety of stainless IP and develop it into accessories.


Gold against Black

Stainless Steel IP - Tarnish Resistant
Skin-friendly, Tarnish Resistant
Earrings ¥4,800 BUY
Necklace ¥5,760 BUY

The earrings feature hoop lines with varying degrees of thickness,
while the necklace is adorned with onyx on a rope chain.

It's the simple outfits that can truly be elevated with accessories, adding volume and a touch of sophistication.

Elegant × Bold

Elegant x Bold
Elegant x Bold
Earrings ¥5,760 BUY

Earrings boasting a chunky, wavy texture.
They complement an elegant jacket style perfectly with their bold size.

For those who seek daily wear and care about material quality, why not consider our allergy-free, discoloration-resistant Stainless Steel IP series?

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