Stainless Steel IP

【Allergy-free and discoloration-resistant finish】

"Stainless steel" material with "IP (Ion Plating) coating",

【Stainless IP】 series with high safety. 
With its remarkable resistance to metal allergies and discoloration, this accessory stands out as a highly recommended choice for daily wear, ensuring both comfort and long-lasting beauty.

Stainless IP is used as a material for everyday items such as glasses and watches that come in contact with the skin.

At mimi33, we maintain the safety of stainless IP into the making of our accessories.

The role of silver: a color that adds a handsome, refined touch.

IP_Handsome Silver
IP_Handsome Silver 2
From left
Necklace ¥5,500 BUY
Necklace ¥6,600 BUY
Earrings ¥3,080 BUY
Ear Cuff ¥2,530 BUY
Silver accessories add a "handsome" element to nude-colored outfits and makeup.

While Gold makes a safe choice, Silver offers an even more refined and sophisticated touch.

Clean Summery Look

 From top
Earrings ¥5,830 BUY
Ear Cuff ¥2,640 BUY
Earrings ¥4,180 BUY

This series combines onyx, a natural stone, with highly transparent crystal.

The playful lines add color around the face without being too formal.

Elegant and Dignified

IP_Elegant Gold
 From top
Necklace ¥5,280 BUY
Earrings ¥4,400 BUY

This is an accessory with a sense of dignity that coordinates well while maintaining its "elegant" look.

The necklace with a natural onyx stone on a rope chain adds a classic, sophisticated look.

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