【mimi33 × Little Witch】Collaboration items!

mimi33×Little Witch

 This is the season when beautiful flowers unveil their vibrant hues.

How about adorning your ears with the elegance and charm of blooming flowers while you venture outdoors?

This summer, we are introducing you to the captivating collaboration of mimi33 x Little Witch!

Experience the essence of Japan's four seasons with this exclusive mimi33 creation.


mimi33×Little Witch 2
Introducing the anticipated third collaboration between mimi33 and Little Witch, following the success of its exclusive release at the mimi33 Singapore store!
In addition to the popular rose petals and violas, we are thrilled to present new additions: New hydrangea ear cuffs and hazel ear cuffs! These exquisite pieces capture the timeless beauty of renowned Japanese flowers, preserved in resin.
Experience the delicate craftsmanship of Little Witch combined with the distinctive mimi33 style in this truly unique collection.
Viola Tiger Eye






Baby's Breath Hydrangea



Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our "Otona kawaii" collection, where colors come alive in your everyday moments.

With real and fresh flowers thoughtfully preserved, you can enjoy watching the color of the flowers gracefully transform over time, adopting an alluring antique aesthetic look.

Embrace the unique texture bestowed by nature, seamlessly woven into the fabric of your daily life.

This will also make as a delightful gift for your loved ones!

Exciting news awaits! Stay tuned for our upcoming release in August, unveiling captivating new additions to our collection!



Little Witch

Little Witch

An accessory brand that encapsulates the "beauty", "shape", and "fragility of nature" of flowers themselves in resin.
Made by resin-processing natural flowers.
Unique and attractive items are now on sale.



・This product uses materials such as fresh flowers and delicate parts (metal fittings, chains, etc.).

 Please be careful not to apply strong force or pull on them as they may be damaged.

・Since this product is coated with a special resin coating,

 please take care in caring for and storing it at home.

・Do not place in boiling water.

・Since these are fresh flowers, the coloring will change over time.

 When not in use, store in a dry, sunless place to prolong the life of the color.



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