【NEW IN】Hint of Mint & 10K Collection

New In - 26 April 2024

"Hint of Mint"

A captivating power emanates from the sensual mint color, drawing you in effortlessly.

The glass is combined with metal frames to create a subtle contrast, creating a sophisticated look around the ears.
Hint of Mint
Hint of Mint
Earrings ¥6,240 BUY
Necklace ¥10,800 BUY


10K Collections

10K Collection
10K Collection
Earrings ¥15,600 BUY
Cuff Ring ¥10,800 BUY
Cuff Ring [Pearl]  ¥10,800 BUY



The "K10 collection" features designs with added width and thickness, resulting in a more mature style than usual.

The 2-way ear cuff and ring cuff offer versatile options to match your mood of the day.


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