16 June New Arrival: Flower Motifs and 925 Silver Earrings




Ignite your summer style with our stunning flower motif earrings and classic Silver925 accessories. Experience the captivating allure of "mimi33" as you embark on your stylish summer journey.

Flower earrings that bring happiness

Metal Flower Hook Earrings [UMU]

The petals are intricately sculpted, evoking a mesmerizing dance in the breeze. Symbolizing joy and happiness, the flower motif serves as a lucky charm, adding an extra touch of significance to your ensemble.


With the unmatched quality that only Japan can offer, this unparalleled design can only be crafted exclusively in our workshop. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our skilled craftsmen as they meticulously shape each piece, ensuring a collection of exquisite pieces that will never cease to captivate your senses.


The classic "925silver" for summer

The classic "925silver" for summer

With each use, the "925silver" series unveils a captivating texture that grows more delightful over time.

Its silver color exudes a cool impression, making it a must-have accessory for the upcoming season.



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