3 March 2023


This spring, challenge yourself with bold colors and shapes to find a new you.


Stone Ear Cuff ¥3,000 JPY


Stones of different shapes, colors, and expressions accentuate the ear.
Show your presence with ear cuffs and let everyone's eyes be on your ears.

1.Pearl & Nuance Line Set Earrings ¥5,040 JPY
2.Triple Line Ear Cuff ¥2,760 JPY
3.Pearl & Nuance Line Ear Cuff ¥3,840 JPY
4.Cross Line Ring ¥3,000 JPY


Wavy and overlapping, they create a sensation when you put them on.
Earrings, ear cuffs, and rings. Wear them according to your current mood.

The "UMU" collection is carefully crafted by hand by metal engravers under the theme of "simple = beautiful.
Each piece is made in-house with the utmost care and attention to detail from design to production.


Here for " UMU " series

Stone Earrings ¥2,760 JPY

It's spring, so go for bold colors!
A sleek "spring new color" joins the popular design!
The perfect size to accent your daily outfits.



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