24 March New Arrival: Minimalistic Collection

New Arrival: Minimalistic Collection


Introducing our new minimalistic earring collection, featuring the popular 10K series and 925 Silver options, as well as an earring set!

The delicate designs make these earrings a lovely addition to any jewelry collection, perfect for anyone regardless of your fashion preference.

mimi33-ミミサンジュウサンーMini Accessories.



MINIMUM「925 Silver」


1. Hoop Earrings [925 silver] ¥4800  SHOP NOW
2. Dot Line Hoop Earrings [925 silver]¥4800 SHOP NOW


Spring brings to mind the shimmering silver hue!
rom our popular "silver925" series, these delicately designed hoop earrings complement your mood and daily style as we welcome the new seasonal changes! 



Minimamu 「10K」



A. Freshwater Pearl × Coil Earrings [10K] 8,400 SHOP NOW
B. Freshwater Pearl × Coil Earrings [10K] ¥10,800 SHOP NOW


mimi33's "10K" earrings are a timeless favorite with their minimalist size and unique ear-hugging design. They are a piece of quality jewelry that will last a lifetime.

 「Click here for 10k series」



 Minimamu 「Set Earrings」



Bijou Earrings [Set of 3 pairs] ¥2,880 SHOP NOW


Enjoy a variety of minimalism with our set of three pairs of earrings. Wear them as a set or mix and match with ear cuffs to add volume and create unique accessory coordination for your everyday look.


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