23 Feb New Release!

23 Feb New In


Basic design with a subtle design added, this item is perfect for daily use.
You can also enjoy layering with your existing accessories.

- Ear cuff that swings around your ear. - 

23 Feb New In_Cuff

23 Feb New In_Cuff2
Ear Cuff ¥3,240 BUY


The ear cuffs sway with dark-colored bijoux, while the slender eclair chain delicately shimmers, adding a touch of femininity.

- Clean impression -
925 Silver
23 Feb New In_925 Necklace

23 Feb New In_925 Earrings

 This item is made from "silver925" material, which has a beautiful luster and blends well with the skin.

Its petite size makes it ideal for daily wear.

23 Feb New In_925 Earrings2
[1.] ¥4,200 BUY
[2.] ¥7,800 BUY
[3.] ¥5,040 BUY
[4.] ¥4,200 BUY

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