23 DECEMBER 2022

Items such as colored glass earrings that shine in your ears and the unique silhouette of the Yajirobe series are now available to lift your spirits for the winter season.



Glass Earrings(Blue/Red) ¥4,300 JPY

Colored glass with a fresh shimmer and aurora-like elegance. A special liquid is poured into the glass when it is formed to create a sparkle of color from the inside out. The glass earrings are also adorable with their plump shape, making them a must-have item for this season.



Yajirobe Earrings(Gold) ¥5,400 JPY

The Yajirobe series is one of mimi33's most popular series. The new items in this series range from thin, delicate items to catchy designs reminiscent of outer space. The asymmetrical designs sway comfortably and show different expressions on the left and right sides.



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