19 August 2022

Bright sunshine and a pleasant breeze. Try changing up your simple outfits with a new accessory.


Layered Ear Cuff

The ear cuffs are moderately voluminous and look as if they are layered as a single piece, and we were particular about their shape so that they would look beautiful when worn.


 Three-dimensional Ear Cuff

The ear cuffs are a beautiful and fresh design that gives a three-dimensional effect to the ear, no matter how you look at it from any angle. The large, yet lightweight, three-dimensional design gives the ear cuff a mode atmosphere.



The comfortably swaying pearl line adds a touch of sophistication to this item. It is a mimi33-like item that achieves a nuanced and delicate look.



Mother of pearl

This piece shimmers with every gesture, captivating you with its mellow radiance.
Mother-of-pearl is made from shells that produce pearls and has the meanings of tenderness, receptivity, and compassion. It is good to wear as a lucky charm.


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