17 FEBRUARY 2023

Products on sale from 17.
Wearing a little pink, calls for spring.
mimi33's "Pink Gold" blends into the skin and brings out a mature sweetness.
mimi33 recommends " kawaii " colors to be enjoyed close at hand.

set 01 Earrings&Necklace ¥6,000

set 02 Earrings&Necklace ¥6,000 

set 03 Earrings&Necklace ¥6,000 

Wear "pink" as a set

We offer a set of items around the ears that bring out a mature and sweet look.
The scene-less design is finished in pink gold to make every day a little prettier.
The earrings use K18 posts, which are allergy-free and give them a luxurious feel.
The necklace is finished with a thick coating for long-lasting wear.
It is recommended as a reward for yourself or a gift for your loved ones.

Earrings ¥2,880
Necklace ¥3,600

 Wear "pink" with chains.

The metallic chain is finished in pink gold.
Wear the earrings and necklace as a set to create a coordinated look.

From left
Mini Hoop Earrings ¥2,760
Mini Bijou Earrings ¥2,760
Mini Hoop Earrings ¥2,760
Bijou & HoopEarrings ¥2,760

Wear a small "pink".

Small pink is recommended for everyday use.
Finished with a thick coating, it can be worn for a long time.
This item is easy to try for those who are new to pink.


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