UMU -handmade by Japanese artisans-

UMU series of earrings is filled with the thoughts of the designer and the engraver.

UMU collection is handcrafted one by one by engravers with the theme of simple = beautiful.

These items are full of particularities that cannot be achieved by manufacturers, and the warm and beautiful curves of the handmade items lead to a feminine and elegant impression.

This time, we asked the designer about their passion for the product.


-What do you consider when making mimi33 products?

At mimi33, a store specializing in earrings and pierced earrings, most of our items are metal allergy-friendly! Stainless steel is easy to wear, even for people with allergies and gold is plated with K18, while silver is coated with resin to make it less likely to cause allergic reactions.

-It's safe to use if it's allergy-friendly.

Yes, it is! But stainless steel is hard and difficult to work with...and most of the stainless steel accessories on the market are large and rather cool. At mimi33, we worked with the engraver at our head office studio to create a prototype of a delicate design that would change this concept.

-Because of its distinctive shape, it looks delicate but also impressive.

The shape is unique, because the surface of the parts is hand-hammered with an uneven texture. If you look closely at the twisted design, you can see that only one side has this texture, and bー combining it with the shiny side, it creates a balance and contrast that makes the three-dimensional effect stand out and look beautiful.

-There is a little bit of texture in the other pieces as well.

For the hoop earrings, I hit them flat to give them texture, and for the larger ones, I put them in the side view, and conversely, for the smaller ones, I put them in the front to give them a small but strong presence. Since they are not three-dimensional objects, I think about how much of the design I can create on a flat surface.


Hoop Earrings[M[UMU](kb030020p)

The designs are delicate and simple, but they are the result of discussions with the engraver.
For example, the twisted American earrings. We went through a lot of trial and error to create a more beautiful and flexible curve. The earrings with a series of rings were not originally designed this way, but the engraver made a suggestion for the post and we ended up with this shape.
It is only in the head office studio that we can work with the metal engraver to create the earrings.


This series makes you want to wear them every day. The material, comfort, and design are simple but have a strong presence.

Why don't you put on UMU accessories, filled with the thoughts of the designer and engraver, one of your favourites?




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