mimi33 Pearl Collection ♡

mimi33 Pearl collection

We are pleased to introduce the pearl collection of mimi33!

Pearl accessories bring an elegant charm to your ears, elevating even everyday looks with a touch of sophistication.

We recommend layering them or experimenting with unique designs for a chic and casual style.


 Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Freshwater Pearl Earrings[A]  ¥3,960 JPY


Pearl Catch Long Earrings

Pearl Catch Long Earrings ¥7,400 JPY


Pearl earrings

A. Pearl × Arch Earrings  ¥4,320 JPY

B. Pearl × Bijou Asymmetry Earrings[A]  ¥2,880 JPY

C. Pearl × Bijou Asymmetry Earrings[B]  ¥2,880 JPY

D. Pearl × Coil Earrings  ¥4,320 JPY

Pearl × Bijoux Asymmetrical Earrings [10K]

Pearl × Bijoux Asymmetrical Earrings [10K]  ¥8,400 JPY


10k Pearl earrings

A. Pearl line earrings [10K]  ¥10,800 JPY

B. Mini Pearl Earrings [10K]  ¥5,000 JPY


A wide variety of designs are available.
Did any of the items catch your eye?
With plenty more to explore, let's discover your favorites together ♡


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