mimi minimum


Minimalist by design, yet rich in detail we pay attention to.
mimi33's minimalist items effortlessly complement any wardrobe, embodying love and delicate depth.


Earrings ¥4,800 BUY

In spring, 925 Silver color is catching everyone's attention.

From the beloved "silver925" collection, we have hoop earrings ideal for daily wear and natural stone earrings perfect for special occasions.

Each piece is delicately designed to infuse a feminine touch into the cool sparkle.


 Minimum [ 10K ]



1.  ¥7,260 BUY
2.  ¥6,050 BUY
3.  ¥4,400 BUY
4.  ¥8,400 BUY
5.  ¥10,800 BUY

Boasting enduring popularity, mimi33's "K10" earrings captivate.
With their minimalist size and unique design that hugs the ear in a playful twist, your chosen design becomes a timeless piece of jewelry.



Minimum [ Set Earrings ]

Recommended for those who love to explore various minimalist styles, this set of 3 pairs of earrings offers versatility.
Whether worn as a set or stacked with ear cuffs for added volume,
they promise to elevate your daily ear coordination.



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