mimi33's 925 silver for a mature and refined look

mimi33's 925 silver, for a mature and refined look. 

925 SIlver

925 Silver_2

The reason why "silver925" looks good is its natural luster that seamlessly complements the skin.
Silver accessories pair well with this season's trendy gray and white outfits, upgrading them to effortlessly chic ensembles.
In this blog post, we'll introduce you to various items from the mimi33 and MR.mimi33 collections.



- Earrings and Ear cuffs -
Basic Designs

925 Silver_Basic

From simple shapes to designs adorned with intricate details, you can choose the accessory that best fits your image.
We also recommend layering earrings and ear cuffs made of the same material, silver925.




- Flora Earrings -
Big earrings with a hint of sweetness

925 Silver_Flora


The "Exotic Flora" series is designed to create an elegant look with a hint of sweetness.

Perfect as an accessory for occasions and special occasions.






- Vintage Silver -
For a "starring role" around the ears.

925 Silver_Vintage


The "Vintage Silver" series is curated from molds of accessories manufactured in the 1980s, carefully restored and brought into the modern era with Mimi's touch.
Retaining the charm of vintage accessories, characterized by their subtle yet nostalgic detailing and quaintness, these pieces add a unique flair to any outfit and serve as an eye-catching statement.







- Necklaces and Rings -
The flawless look is complete

925 Silver_Necklace&Ring


In addition to earrings, incorporating silver925 accessories like necklaces and rings adds coherence to your overall outfit.





- Unisex brands -

925 Silver_MR.mimi33

MR.mimi33" is a unisex brand derived from mimi33.
The designs are easy to wear regardless of gender, making them ideal for couple accessories as well.



Click here to see MR.mimi33's items.

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