Handsome Silver / Onyx Black Collection

Handsome Silver / Onyx Black

Handsome Silver / Onyx Black

Leave it to Mimi to dress up in a small way.

Enhance your femininity with a touch of 'handsome' flair.

A shell that completes your look

“ Tighten Shell”

Handsome Silver
From top
Ear Cuff ¥3,300 BUY
Ring ¥4,950 BUY
Ring ¥4,950 BUY
Earrings ¥5,490 BUY
The inorganic silhouette with its surfaces and edges, combined with the bright, clean coating color, enhances the beauty of the white butterfly shell.

Simply adding it to your outfit creates a modern, "handsome" look.

Gemstone for casual wear
“ GemStone ”

Onyx Black
Onyx Black 2
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Ear Cuff ¥5,500 BUY
Earrings ¥6,160 BUY

Natural stones with a sensual atmosphere are incorporated into a catchy design,
adding a mature and decorative touch with a hint of individuality.

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