6 January 2023

New items are now on sale to lift your spirits as we welcome the new year.
Items decorated with freshwater pearls and natural stones, as well as simple yet catchy items for your ears, are now available.



A new addition to the popular series with a fresh luster and elegant coloring.
The nuanced circle silhouette is also a lovely item.
Marble Earrings(BE/KH/OR) ¥3,200 JPY 


The angle from the side creates a silhouette with a beautiful drop.
The design leaves no room for beauty, creating a sophisticated winter earpiece.
Pearl Catch Long Earrings(GD/SV) ¥7,400 JPY
Pearl Long Back Catch Earrings(BR/WH) ¥8,200 JPY


Backcatch Pierce

These "back catch earrings" have a motif peeking out from behind the ear.
The design is decorated with pearls, natural stones, spheres, etc.
The design is cute and catchy at the same time.
Pearl Sphere Back Catch Earrings(BR/GY/WH) ¥8,200 JPY


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