25 September New Arrival: Autumn Collection

New In 25.Sep.2023

Autumn styling makes a different impression with accessories.
Let's create the mood of fall from the ear!


Long earrings with nuance

Freshwater pearl earrings

[1.] ¥4,320 JPY  BUY NOW
[2.] ¥4,320 JPY  BUY NOW
[3.] ¥4,320 JPY  BUY NOW
[4.] ¥4,080 JPY  BUY NOW


The gracefulness of the swaying accessory adorning the ear is the key to creating a beautiful look.

Delicate freshwater pearls arranged in a gentle wave pattern further enhance a minimalist style.

Ear cuff with motifs

Ear cuff with motifs

[1.] ¥2,760 JPY  BUY NOW
[2.] ¥2,640 JPY  BUY NOW


This motif ear cuff is perfect for those in the mood for volume.

It can be layered with your existing accessories in a well-balanced way!

UMU, which fascinates with its subtle expression.

UMU collection

[ 1.] ¥3,960  BUY NOW
[ 2.] ¥3,840  BUY NOW
[ 3.] ¥2,520  BUY NOW


The subtlety lines are layered to create volume with fine details adding to its charm.

The word "UMU" in Japanese means "create".
The theme of this series is for the mimi33 engravers to create products by their own hands that embody the idea of Simple = Beautiful.

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