23 September 2022


Chunky Hoop Earrings

One-touch and easy to wear, these chunky hoop earrings have a strong presence and are perfect for both daily wear and parties.





Flower Series -UMU-

From the UMU collection, handcrafted by mimi33's engravers under the theme of "simple = beautiful," comes a series of earrings with a flower petal motif.

The delicate flower veins and overlapping petals create a delicate yet subtle sense of volume, creating a feminine yet striking look on the ear. The beautiful curves of these handmade earrings give a feminine and graceful impression.





Arch Line Cuffs

The simple arch line along the ear is stylish. It is recommended to coordinate with your existing earrings. Also, those who do not or cannot have pierced holes can enjoy the fashionable look.


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