22 July 2022

We have many new items in stock, including adjustable ear cuffs, popular 10K earrings that can be used for a long time, and elegant ear cuffs with large pearls and constellations. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!



Adjustable Ear cuff

Stress-free, soft, and comfortable to wear and fit, the adjustable "adjustable cuff" is now available. The openable design can be worn at any preferred position, and its moderate weight gives you a sophisticated look. The thick coating finish is recommended for long-lasting daily use.




10K Yellow Gold

Our popular 10K earrings, which blend in with the skin, add a touch of elegance.
The simple design and size are perfect for daily use.





Constellation × Pearl Ear Cuff

Like stars shining in the night sky, this ear cuff makes your face sparkle and glamorous. Small stars are also placed at the end of the delicate chain that spins the stars, creating a playful design for adults.




Moonstone Mini Earrings

Moonstone is said to bring good luck in 2022. Moonstone comes in a variety of colors, but in addition to white and gray, we have added orange moonstone, which gives a sense of positive energy. Since we want you to wear it forever like a talisman, we used 925 silver as the material and made it into stress-free, tiny Huggie hoops.






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