20 October New Arrival: PLUM BURGUNDY

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[ 1.] ¥4,320 JPY BUY NOW
[ 2.] ¥2,880 JPY BUY NOW


Drawing inspiration from the rich, enchanting hues of burgundy, our latest series takes its cues from the world of plums.

Just like the unique allure of a fruit, our materials and designs stand out. Let's elevate your autumn vibes right from your ears!

This isn't an accent color; it's about blending in to create a sophisticated, understated look.

Incorporating this piece into your everyday wardrobe will undoubtedly elevate your autumn style.


- Solide cuff -

Free and bold silhouettes

Solide cuff

[ 1.] ¥5,160 JPY BUY NOW
[ 2.] ¥5,160 JPY BUY NOW
[ 3.] ¥4,560 JPY BUY NOW
New Solide cuff is now available.

The unique movement of the slender line gracefully encircling the ear defines our new Solid Cuff.
The use of a special strong material creates delicate lines and a three-dimensional effect, showcasing a beautiful silhouette from every angle.
Freshwater pearls and black bijoux are used to create an autumnal mood.

- Black stone -

For a luxurious ear ensemble

Black stone

[ 1.] ¥2,880 JPY BUY NOW
[ 2.] ¥4,680 JPY BUY NOW
[ 3.] ¥3,240 JPY BUY NOW


Black is an easy color to incorporate into everyday life. By using black as a subtle accent, you can effortlessly achieve a feminine and refined look.


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