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Natural stones and freshwater pearls are the key points of these accessories, which capture the essence of elegance and uniqueness.
The subtle variations in "colors" and "shapes" create an enchanting allure for a captivating ear ensemble.

HHoop Earrings - The Ultimate Beauty


Zero Hoop

Zero Hoop 2

¥6,840 JPY BUY NOW 
Introducing the latest addition to the "Zero Hoop" series, featuring a gracefully flattened silhouette reminiscent of the number zero in its hoop, post, and catch.

Enhanced with freshwater pearls and natural stones, these hoop earrings transform the basics into eye-catching elements for your coordination.


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Lustrous natural stone 

- UMU -


[1.] ¥4,080 JPY BUY NOW
[2.] ¥3,240 JPY BUY NOW
[3.] ¥3,480 JPY BUY NOW


The "UMU-UMU" collection is meticulously crafted by mimi33's craftsmen in our own workshop, embodying the theme of "refinement beauty".
In addition to the quality that can only be achieved in Japan, the designs can only be realized in our own workshop.
This is a high-quality series that craftsmen spend a lot of time to produce, ensuring enduring elegance that never fades.
The pairing of natural stones with distinctive expressions and silver metal creates an effortlessly sophisticated allure around your ears.


The captivating allure lies in its unique shape.

Ear Cuff × Pearl

Ear Cuff × Pearl  2

[1.] ¥3,600 JPY BUY NOW
[2.] ¥3,600 JPY BUY NOW


This ear cuff features a a sculpted metal line accented with natural stones.
Just by wearing it, you will look like the star of the show, and it can be worn on either the left or right ear.



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