18th Nov.


ONLINE Limited

A limited edition set of earrings and a necklace is now available from mimi33's popular sparkling chain items.
The design features a combination of chains with a slight volume, creating a perfect balance that is not too heavy to wear as a set.
It is a perfect Christmas gift that will add a ladylike impression to any casual outfit.
This is a limited quantity item, so please purchase early.




Pearl items tend to be feminine, but it is good to pay attention to the color of the pearls and the design of the parts to be combined.
This time, we will focus on asymmetrical designs with a lot of playfulness, and items with a light impression that gives off a delicate line. 




The UMU collection is handcrafted one by one by mimi33's engravers under the theme of "simple = beautiful."

The warmth and beautiful curves of these handmade items lead to a feminine and relaxed impression.


 10K Yellow Gold

If you want to look elegant and glamorous, a simple yet delicate design is the way to go.
The high quality luster that only 10K can provide and the beautiful curves that will make you gaze in awe will enhance your mood.
It is also a perfect gift item for the holiday season.




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