18 August New Arrival: Hoop & Ear Cuff

NEW IN 18 August 2023

mimi33's classic hoop earrings and ear cuff sets can be worn individually or as a set.
With basic styles at the core, you can achieve a more coordinated look around your ears than usual.


Allergy-free and tarnish-resistant finish


Standard Hoop Series

Stainless steel material with IP (Ion Plating) coating, The "stainless steel IP" series with its high safety features joins the standard hoop series.

It is characterized by its resistance to metal allergies and discoloration and is recommended as an everyday accessory.

Stainless steel IP is used for eyeglasses, watches, and other items that come in contact with the skin daily. mimi33 has developed stainless steel IP as an accessory by ensuring the safety of stainless steel IP.

*The silver color in the image is not coated, Surgical stainless steel 316" which is also used for medical instruments is used.


The "Zero Hoop" has evolved to be even more beautiful.

Zero Hoop
[Silver] Earrings ¥5,760 JPY BUY NOW
[Pink] Earrings ¥5,640 JPY BUY NOW
[Gold] Earrings ¥5,520 JPY BUY NOW

Introducing the enhanced "Zero Hoop," designed to accentuate your silhouette with elegance.

This evolved version features a seamless design, with the post's moving shaft and the catch part discreetly embedded within the earring's body, ensuring a captivating ear-worn aesthetic.


Elegant Layering

Elegant Layering
Elegant Layering

[LEFT] Earrings ¥4,320 JPY BUY NOW
[CENTER] Earrings ¥3,840 JPY BUY NOW
[RIGHT] Earrings ¥3,960 JPY BUY NOW 


This set of earrings upgrades your layering elegantly and allows you to enjoy coordinating your ear area.

The "clipless earrings" can be easily adjusted with gentle force and fit comfortably on the ears.

Adjustable "Adjust Cuff"

adjustable cuff
[Silver] Ear Cuff ¥5,280 JPY BUY NOW
[Pink] Ear Cuff ¥5,400 JPY BUY NOW
[Gold] Ear Cuff ¥5,160 JPY BUY NOW

Discover the innovative "Adjust Cuff" for a snug and comfortable wear.

These ear cuffs add a chic touch when worn over your ears, and they can also be layered with other ear accessories for a versatile look.


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