Summer vibes

Summer is finally here!

Here are some great recommendations for your summer style.
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We hope you will enjoy summer by coordinating mimi33's earrings with your classic summer style.

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Shells with a beautiful natural shine give these earrings a summery look. The large shells are translucent and have a beautiful glossy surface...depending on the angle of view and the light, they take on a variety of different looks.

Products from left
Shell Circle Earrings(H1400005P)
Shell Plate Earrings(H1400008P)
Shell Earrings[B](J1270007P)


Water Buffalo

The natural texture and hue of this earring are unique to the buffalo. The natural colour creates a chic and presentable style.
Natural and seasonal items that suit mature women.

Products from left
Water Buffalo Hone Hoop Earrings(J2160008P)
Water Buffalo Hone Earrings(J2160017P)
Water Buffalo Hone Earrings(J2160018P)



These wooden earrings are designed to sway with the natural and gentle texture and colouring of wood. Items made of natural materials are excellent items that add comfort to your coordination. They are light, blend well with the skin, and have a simple modern design that accentuates the natural look of the earrings.


Products from left
Wood Earrings(J0130021P)
Wood Earrings(J0130020P)
Wood Earrings(J0130019P)



The large motif that swings with every movement is the perfect accent to coordinate with your outfit. With its subdued and mature look, it is a versatile item that is easy to match with this season's outfits.

 Products from top
Marble Earrings(K0550008P)
Marble Earrings(OG060008P)
Marble Square Earrings(OG180071P)


・Asymmetrical Metal

The twisted and unique metal line adds a touch of sophistication to your coordination.  Recommended items that will add a stylish touch to your simple T-shirt coordination.



 Products from left
Unique Metal Earrings[B](DG040160P)
Unique Metal Earrings[C](DG040161P)
Unique Metal Earrings[D](DG040162P)


Many other items, such as glass and tassel earrings, are also available at 10% off per item! Boost your summer mood with mimi33's earrings.



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