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Stainless Steel IP



Stainless Steel IP

【Allergy-free and discoloration-resistant finish】

"Stainless steel" material with "IP (Ion Plating) coating",

【Stainless IP】 series with high safety. 
With its remarkable resistance to metal allergies and discoloration, this accessory stands out as a highly recommended choice for daily wear, ensuring both comfort and long-lasting beauty.
Stainless IP is used as a material for everyday items such as glasses and watches that come in contact with the skin.
At mimi33, we maintain the safety of stainless IP and develop it into accessories.
We have a large selection of designs, from simple standard hoops to large metal and pearl items.
Quality materials, exquisite designs – for those of you in search of such items.

Simple standard hoopsIP_Hoop

A must-have item that everyone must have at least one.
You never get tired of hoops, and you want to wear them at any time of the day.
Because they are a must-have item, you want to be particular about the materials used, but at a price that is easy to purchase.
The stainless steel IP series fulfills both of these wishes.
An essential item that everyone deserves. Hoops that never go out of style, suitable for any moment. As a must-have, we focus on the material, yet affordability is also key. The Stainless Steel IP series delivers on both fronts.

Large Statement Metal


The large metal is convenient when you want to create a point on your ear.
The matte texture and elegant design make these items easy to wear for adult women.
When you want to add a bold touch to your ears, the oversized metal is just what you need. With its matte texture and elegant design, it's become a choice that even ladies find easy to wear.


These earrings are decorated with large shell pearls that sway with every gesture.
The ear cuffs are also adorned with pearls, bringing out the full elegance of this item.

Small pink for daily use

These small earrings are perfect for daily use.
The pink color blends well with the skin and adds a hint of sweetness.
Choose "stainless steel IP" for daily use accessories!

For those who seek daily wear and care about material quality, why not consider our allergy-free, discoloration-resistant Stainless Steel IP series?

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