Wearing a little pink, calls for spring.
mimi33's "Pink Gold" fits into the skin and brings out a mature sweetness.
Enjoy " kawaii " colors feel free. 


- Oval Hoop Earrings - 

Oval Hoop Earrings ¥2,900 JPY

Matte colored hoop is highly recommended in this coming spring. 
They give a calm impression.


- Bar & Bijou Earrings & Necklace -

Bar & Bijou Earrings & Necklace ¥6,000 JPY

Pairs of earrings and necklace should have your wardrobe
It can be used alone and is even cuter when coordinated.



- Bicolor Metal Earrings- 

Bicolor Metal Earrings ¥4,800 JPY

The combination color of pink gold and silver catches the eyes. 
The two hoops can be removed and worn as single hoop earrings. 


- Recommended -

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