Solide Cuff

Exquisite beauty in bold, three-dimensional lines

- Solide Cuff -

The "Solide Cuff," an original creation by "mimi33," breathes new life into the often monotonous realm of ear fashion. We will introduce them in 3 categories.

- Pearl -

Solide Cuff Pearl

 Solide Cuff Pearl 2

Adding a touch of elegance to the ear area with a design adorned with pearls.
The slightly irregular freshwater pearls provide a unique charm, while the round shell pearls impart a feminine touch.

Free bold lines

- Metal -

Solide Cuff Metal

The delicate lines with a strong and weak edge create a classy look around the ears.

The relatively simple design with no motifs allows you to wear it with other ear accessories to give it a unique look.


Darkness meets Elegance

- Dark Color -


Solide Cuff Color

Solide Cuff Color 2


The "dark-colored" natural stones and bijoux design is the focal point to coordinating your look.

Similar to choosing black for your bag or belt, infuse that chic essence into your ear accessories for a seamlessly stylish look. 


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