Choosing the best combination of earrings and ear cuffs can be very difficult. Ear cuffs have become a trend in recent years, and many people want to incorporate them into their outfits but are wondering how to combine them with earrings... We would like to introduce some layered coordinates of earrings and ear cuffs that will make your ear look nice and effortless. Try incorporating them into your daily fashion and enjoy wearing them in style. Let's create your style with fun!


STYLE 1. Chandelier earrings × Ear cuffs

Chandelier Earrings (DG040250P Gold / ¥5,000 JPY)
Bijou Mini Ear Cuff [2pcs] (DG340176E Gold / ¥3,000 JPY)


A combination of mini-size chandelier earrings and ear cuffs.
Since these ear cuffs come as a set of two, you can use them as a versatile item that will add glamour to your other items
By combining the chandelier with small and modest ear cuffs, the beauty of the chandelier can be brought out and coordinated in a way that is higher grade.
Since these ear cuffs come as a set of two, you can use them as a versatile item that will add glamour to your existing items if you have them.
The chandelier's swaying effect and the ear cuffs with bijoux add a feminine touch to this casual yet coordinated look.


STYLE 2. Stacking ear cuffs

Pearl × Metal Ear Cuff / Tragus Cuff[2pcs] (DG040153E Gold / ¥3,200 JPY)
Combination Color Layered Ear Cuff (DG270306E Gold, Silver / ¥3,000 JPY)


Layered coordination of ear cuffs is possible because of mimi33's accessories.
We have combined two sets of ear cuffs with a combination of gold and silver-colored ear cuffs.
These small two-piece ear cuffs are a must-have item as it goes with just about any item! The combination color ear cuff makes even one look like it is stacked. With a moderate size that will make even a simple outfit stylish, add them to your regular fashion and enjoy your unique fashion style.


STYLE 3. Object hoop earrings × Glass ear cuff

Object Hoop Earrings (KB030120P Gold, Silver / ¥7,000 JPY)
Glass Ear Cuff (DG270270E White, Mint, Purple, Gray / ¥3,100 JPY)


The basic Object Hoop earrings are layered with Purple colored glass ear cuffs. The Object Hoop is a design that only mimi33 can create, with details on both the cross-section and the sides. The hoop itself is shaped like a heart or a star to boost your spirits. What makes it stand out, even more, is the glass ear cuff. The transparent and fresh colors will brighten up your ears. Even beginners to layering can easily start coordinating.

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