Introducing mimi33's accessories with a wide variety of designs


mimi33 online store has over 1000 different types of earrings, clip-on earrings and ear cuffs. Please try to find your favourite accessory!

In this article, we would like to introduce you to mimi33's wide variety of accessories by genre.

You can create a feminine impression with

Let's start with pearl accessories. There are freshwater pearls and shell pearls characterized by their distorted forms. Just by wearing pearls, you can create a feminine impression, and this season, we recommend incorporating them into your casual style.
Of course, you can use them in formal occasions as well.

From top left
Pearl Earrings(o0880057p)
Swing Pearl Earrings(dg040187p)
Pearl Ear Cuff(e1120011e)
Pearl Round Earrings(dg270043p)
Pearl Earrings(j2190001p)
Shell Pearl Coiled Earrings(dg270142p)


These freshwater pearl earrings have a distorted shape. The surface of the metal is also beaten, creating a soft atmosphere around the face. Not too big or too small, just the right size of about 3cm.


Giving a feminine and elegant impression
『Delicate Design』

The next item we would like to introduce is a delicate accessory that sways. Many of them are designed by combining delicate and thin parts, giving a feminine and elegant impression.

From top left
【Online Shop Limited】2way Long Earrings(dg040174p)
Swing Pearl Clip On Earrings(dg040126e)
Yajirobe Earrings[E](dg040166p)
Yajirobe Clip On Earrings[K](dg040109e)
【Online Shop Limited】Yajirobe Clip On Earrings(dg040101e)
Yajirobe Earrings[G](dg040169p)


The Yajirobe series, with its attractive asymmetrical design, has been a popular series since its launch. These delicate earrings sway in an unbalanced way with a combination of metal, chain and parts.


Cute and unique
『Voluminous Design』

 Next, we would like to introduce accessories with large designs. Some are made of wood or buffalo horn, while others feature unusual patterns, all of which are cute and unique.

From top left
Marble Hoop Earrings(e0220013p)
Wood Earrings(j0130019p)
Marble Plate Earrings(e0220012p)
Wood Earring[Ownideal](j0130021p)
Marble Plate Earrings(e0220012p)
Water Buffalo Hone Clip On Earrings(j2160004e)


Wearing large earrings will give your face a gorgeous look. Try wearing them with simple clothes to make your ears the star of your outfit.


Great match with any outfit
『Gold Metal』

Next, we would like to introduce metal gold accessories. There are simple small square ones, loop design ones, and 2-way type ones with detachable motifs.
The gold color blends in well with any outfit and is sure to be a great match. 

From top left
Metal Hoop Clip On Earrings(dg150041e)
Metal Hoop Clip On Earrings[B](dg270143e)
Metal Seed Earrings(m2130019p)
Metal Earrings(h1400006p)
Metal Asymmetry Earrings(m2260013p)
Spring Earrings(dg040196p)

When viewed from the side, the beauty of the design is more apparent. Try wearing them with a hairstyle that shows off your ears.


Casual atmosphere yet cool impression
『Silver Metal』

Lastly, we would like to introduce silver-colored accessories. The silver color creates a more casual atmosphere than gold, and many of the designs have a cool look. mimi33 has a wide variety of items for the advanced fashionista.

From top left
Mini Hoop Earrings(m2130020p)
Metal Plate Earrings(dg380145p)
Nuanced Metal Earrings(dg380253p)
Drawing Earrings(dg190095p)
Curl Earrings[925 Silver](dg450079p)

These earrings have different shaped circle motifs and are a 2-way design. The bottom oval motif is removable and can be worn as a simple single circle earring.

We release new products on the 1st & 3rd Friday of every month so, please look forward to it!

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