Here is how to handcraft UMU earrings.

The UMU series is manufactured in the headquarters studio in Japan(at Hiroshima). All of the products are carefully handcrafted by engravers and they are especially popular in our all products. 

In this article, we are going to show you the process of production.




First, the stainless steel material is beaten to give the surface texture while flattening it. While most stainless steel accessories on the market are large and cool looking,  we are trying to create delicate designs.

Next, the material is bent with pliers to create a design with a strong presence.

Finally, a machine is used to apply a resin coating to finish the product.




-Finished product

UMU products are made of stainless steel with K18 plating for gold and resin coating for silver, making the items less likely to cause allergic reactions, so they can be used safely.



 The word "UMU" in Japanese means "create".

The theme of this series is for the mimi33's engravers to "create" by their own hands a product that embodies the idea of "Simple = Beautiful".

Please keep an eye out for new products in the future.


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