Black Zirconia Post

Recommended for people with allergies, the deep black and glossy Black zirconia post has a luxurious feel.


We released a new item called Black Zirconia Post, which uses a post material that has never been used before. Black Zirconia Post is characterized by its hardness, comfort, and beautiful appearance.

The material, zirconia with ceramic treatment, is strong and durable, and creates a thin and beautiful perfect circle which is comfortable to wear and can be used for a long time. In addition, the material does not contain any metal, so it is safe to use for people with metal allergies.



The ceramic post that you generally see is milky white, but the Black Zirconia Post is, as the name suggests, a black colored post. This material, which is also used for the exterior of luxury watches, has a deep black color and a luster that gives it a luxurious appearance and a sophisticated impression.

The Black Zirconia Post is available in feminine designs such as pearl and flower motifs, as well as various hoop designs. The black and metal hoops give a tight impression and are perfect for women as well as men.



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