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New Arrivals

17 JUNE 2022

17 JUNE 2022

The rain continues to fall steadily, making us miss the blue skies that peek through during the sunny intervals.
At such times, we want to go out with our ears glamorously decorated to lift our spirits.
The newest accessory from mmmi33 is now on sale to accompany your feelings.



The glittering ball chain of this chandelier series exudes elegance. Delicate and gorgeous, the design is mesmerizing to look at. The number of pieces that can be produced at one time is limited because they are handcrafted one by one by Japanese artisans.


Metal Circle

The circle motif of this series creates a soft, feminine profile. Pearls and bijoux add a touch of glamour. Easy to wear for everyday wear.



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3 JUNE 2022

It's time to feel the scent of fresh green.
Metal shining under the blue sky and pearls
shimmering in the soft wind with a light outfit.


Sharp metal lines with a sense of weight give it an effortless atmosphere.
Well-balanced volume is the charm of the items.



The unique freshwater pearls and subtly shimmering metal lines give a mature look to your ears.
You can also enjoy the shaking of these items.


Black Zirconia Post

The newest addition to the popular "Black Zirconia Post" series.
The small size motif is perfect for daily use.
Black zirconia is hardened zirconia (=ceramic) material. It is hard and durable, the post is not easily bent, and it does not cause metal allergies.
The motif part is made of metal.




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It is the season to feel the fresh breeze.

Small and delicate accessories full of nuance accentuate your fresh coordinates.
Metal Line
The metal line along the ear gives this item a sophisticated profile.
The small size makes it perfect for everyday wear.



The word "UMU" in Japanese means "create".
The theme of this series is for the mimi33's engravers to "create" by their own hands a product that embodies the idea of "Simple = Beautiful".



Wrap Ear Cuffs
These wrap ear cuffs have a form that wraps around the earlobe. It is worn on the helix of the ear. We recommend layering it with your other ear accessories according to your mood of the day.



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6 MAY 2022

6 MAY 2022

Clear Glass

The fresh and shimmering colored glass series is the perfect item for the coming season. It gently traps the light and fascinates with a mellow glow on the ear.



Metal Ear Cuffs

New items from the popular double-line, voluminous ear cuffs were launched today.



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22 April

Metal Line

These popular cuff earrings give your ears a stylish look.
The overlapping metal lines create a piece that is both delicate and voluminous.



Pearl Ear Cuffs

 Ear cuffs with freshwater pearls that have a mellow glow.
The layered design gives the ear cuff a seasonal look.



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8 April


Ladylike designs with pearls and bijoux.
The hoop design looks like earrings and is recommended for clip-on users. Can be worn in your favorite position, so it is also great as an ear cuff!



925 Silver

925 silver series is gentle on the ears and can be used for a long.
The delicate design with freshwater pearls and bijoux is sure to add class to any outfit.




The mellow glow of shell pearls gives you a sophisticated look.
These items are a must-have when you want to dress up.


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18 March



This series of earrings inspired by a Japanese traditional balance toy called,
“ 弥次郎兵衛.”(Yajirobe)
Its design with accents that sway comfortably gives a feminine and delicate impression, making it an item that is easy to use in any season.

Wrap Ear Cuffs

This wrap ear cuff gives you a sophisticated profile.
It is a simple yet attractive item with a particular design.
Try combining it with your other ear accessories to create your unique look.


The word "UMU" in Japanese means to "create".
The theme of this series is for the mimi33's artists to "create" by their own hands a product that embodies the idea of "Simple = Beautiful".



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18 Feb.

Metal Plate

Simple yet nuanced plates add sophisticated femininity to your outfit.
Just by adding it to your outfit, you can create a refined atmosphere.



These earrings feature a crystal motif with a mellow shine that is different from glass.
They attract the eye every time they sway and create a sense of transparency and femininity.


The word "UMU" in Japanese means to "create".
The theme of this series is for the mimi33's artists to "create" by their own hands a product that embodies the idea of "Simple = Beautiful"



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4 Feb.

Stone Like

It has a mellow shine that looks as if it were cut from stone.
The compact size makes it the perfect accent for your everyday outfit.


Ear Cuff
Layered with your everyday earrings...



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21 Jan.

Czech glass

The design is feminine and the Czech glass is highly transparent and gives off a clear light, making the ear look elegant and pretty.


Metal motif

The metal series has a design that is both simple and unique, making it easy to incorporate into your daily life.
This minimalistic ear accessory will add a touch of elegance to your profile.



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