Shimmering accessories under a clear sky.

mimi33 brings you the layered styles we recommend this winter, along with the world view of CYAN, the popular beauty magazine in Japan.

Enjoy the wavy shapes and edgy items that wrap around your ears. 

Zero Hoop Earrings

DG150276P (23.Dec.2022 on sale)    

  DG270265P (23.Dec.2022 on sale)

Pearl × Line Earrings(14KGF)  

  Gemstone Tragus Cuff
  Solide Cuff

Pearl Metal Ear Cuff
Metal 2way Clip On Earrings [S]

Solide Cuff [Pearl]
Solide Cuff

Gemstone Drop Long Earrings [925 silver]
Bijou Ear Cuff [925 silver]

Combination Chain Back Catch Earrings(10K)

    DG040260P(23.Dec.2022 on sale)

   LEFT: MR.226
   RIGHT: MR.148


 LEFT: MR.229
 RIGHT: MR.139
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