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New arrivals release on 21 Jan. New arrivals release on 21 Jan.

Perfect matched ear coordination

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Here are some carefully selected and recommended items to match your winter style this year!
We will also provide you with trendy accessories and coordinates.


Gold coordination with tragus cuff as the main item.
Layered with the tragus cuff, the usual earrings and clip on earrings look much more trendy in profile.
This versatile item, which can also be used as an ear cuff, is a must-have this season!

【Featured items】
Color Plate Earrings(dg340204p) 
Bijou x Metal Ear Cuff / Tragus Cuff[2pcs](dg040154e)



Clear accessories are usually associated with summer, but if you're wearing knitwear or other heavy winter clothing, you might want to try clear accessories to add a touch of lightness!
In this case, Crystal glass swaying earrings and simple ear cuff with delicate lines complete a coherent silver coordinate!

【Featured items】
Crystal Swing Earrings(dg150246p)
Double Ear Cuff[UMU](kb030009e)